Every single piece of ornament has a story to say. From a mine to the hands of the customers, it is one long journey.

I am Smriti , owner of Tarusm , and a proud wife of an  Army officer. I launched Tarusm my Jewellery  Brand in 2019.  Tarusm means new plant which is growing and its also a mixture of me and my son name. Being an Army officer wife there are very less job  opportunities for us. 

I was very keen for Art and craft and drawing. So I thought to go in such professional that I should look at my home and also should work in which I have interest.  I observed people in small tribes that sitting in so small village people they  are so artistic that they make their own Jewellery which is very stunning and glamorous. I got inspired after looking them and from there I started my journey towards my hobby.

We specialize in all handmade jewellery which is 925 sterling silver, hallmark gold, 14/18/22/24 KT Gold, Diamond Polki, and Thappa Jewellery. 


Our mission

We  believe in local craftsmen karigar who skilfully design jewellery that are extraordinary as they have this heirloom (a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations.) that have passed down from generation to generation. So in this way we give opportunity to woman as well as unemployed people who work as a Karigar.

We customize jewellery in which we focus on quality not quantity. We can make your old design jewel to modish look.  We spend hours and days designing and making it perfect for you. We take great pleasure in not only creating beautiful pieces for you, but also giving you an experience that is truly first class. You share your thoughts we design your thoughts.

Our main goal is to make jewellery machine free fully handmade jewellery. We focus on a jewellery which is affordable and low-end.From traditional fine jewellery we have certain staples that never go out of style and can be easily paired with ethnic wear or modern look.  

Most of the people overlook the importance of how jewellery is made when they purchase jewellery. Handmade jewellery involves working with metal from scratch using a very high level of craftsmanship. The metal is then manipulated by cutting, hammering, shaping and annealing (heating) to create the desired design. Benefit to environment of handmade jewellery is no electronic machines are used so that there is no noise and air pollution.

Our main moto is to promote handmade jewellery instead of machine made jewellery. In today’s time we should not only eat healthy but, we should also wear healthy which is nickel free. As a matter of protecting our bodies, we must buy nickel and lead-free jewellery .

The traditional jewellery of India has always been quite heavy consisting of voluminous gold pieces. Jewellery adorned by Indian women has never been limited to be of any particular stone, but has always a variety in it. We have all types of jewellery which you will get in very affordable range.

Concluding this, I can say we have nickel free jewellery with handmade jewellery design as per our valuable clients requirenment.  

Hi, I'm Smriti, I run my Brand by the name of Tarusm which purely design handmade silver & gold Jewelry. We use polki precious and semi precious stones in our Jewellery. We customize jewellery as per our client requirement. The personal touch that makers and artisans infuse into their work is evident in the masterpiece that they create. Machine-made pieces take longer to produce because more time is spent setting up machinery and testing quality control.

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